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Islam and Family

In Islam, family is important and must always be treated with respect and dignity. Presented below are some quotes of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.), the Holy Imams (a.s.), and the Quran.

A Time to be Thankful

There are countless reasons to be thankful to Allah (swt). We are grateful to Him for the many bounties we receive each and every day: good health; honest means of livelihood; our families and friends, etc. None of which is more important than having the gift of Islam. This gift also comes with enormous responsibilities. It requires every Muslim to be involved in the affairs of their community, to be a guardian and a support for each other, to care for one another’s well being, and to be steadfast in our religion among other things.

Adab of Islam

The Adab of Islam (civility through unreserved submission to the will of Allah), has been established by the behavioral guidelines of Islam for the purification of human conduct and the cleansing of the soul. The one who observes Islamic Adab will not only become edified with the proper forms of manners and readily recognized for his good personality, but will find it to be the source of happiness in all aspects of his life and within his society.

The Sacrifices

In this month of Muharram, we acknowledge the sacrifices made by Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his followers. This month we remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s.), which took place on the 10th of Muharram, the day we now call Ashura.

Change for a Change

Simple changes in behavior make significant changes in life. This is true in all aspects of life. When one makes small change in their diet or begins a regular exercise program, they see a vast difference in their overall health and energy level.

The United Nations of Imam Hussain (as)

Br. Faisal Jafri This year Kansas City mourned the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as) under the banner of the Az-Zahra Center. The Board of Trustees extends its thanks to the many volunteers who made this a success. Among these were Sister Batool Mukhi, Brothers Abu Ali Jaffri, Hajj Massoud, Hussain Mirza, Mostafa Jafari, and all… Read More »

Does God Exist?

Sr. Eman Shaiwani “La Illaha Illalah.” There is no God but All-h (swt). Who is All-h (swt)? How do we know He exists? In the Noble Qur’an, All-h (swt) asks us, in Sura Tur (Mount) Aya 35, “Were they created of nothing or are they themselves the creators?” He asks us to ponder and reflect… Read More »


Hajj Massoud We have heard many stories about the heart, which is called the temple of All-h, the place of emanation of His Love. There are many questions and yet so few or perhaps no conclusive answers regarding the mysteries of love. So many intricacies surround the concept of love that it shatters the might… Read More »

Cleanliness in Islam

Islamic laws and decrees are established by Almighty God due to His absolute knowledge and utmost consideration for humanity as He assists us in our material and spiritual journey. The wisdom behind some recommendations and commands is obvious: almost everyone appreciates the basic aspects of a rule such as washing one’s hands prior to eating. The philosophy behind other rules is not so readily apparent. Some of these “dos and don’ts” allude to unknown outcomes or associations: making Wudhoo’ (ablution) before a meal is said to increase one’s Rizq (provisions).

Brief Introduction about Imam Mahdi (a.s.)

(taken from a A Brief History of the 14 Infallibles; Ansariyan Publications Qum) Name: Muhammad Father’s Name: al-Hasan al-Askari (as) Mother’s Name: Nargis Birth: In Samarra [Iraq] on Friday 15th of Shaban 255 AH [after Hijra or the migration of the Prophet (saaw) to Medina)] He is still living and will appear before the end… Read More »