Adab of Islam

By | February 8, 2005

Hajj Massoud

The Adab of Islam (civility through unreserved submission to the will of Allah), has been established by the behavioral guidelines of Islam for the purification of human conduct and the cleansing of the soul. The one who observes Islamic Adab will not only become edified with the proper forms of manners and readily recognized for his good personality, but will find it to be the source of happiness in all aspects of his life and within his society.

The degenerated state and adverse condition in which many societies find themselves, as well as the confusion which has taken hold of many Muslims in this world and consequently in the Hereafter, is in many cases the result of not having correct information or not conforming to the divinely sanctioned Adab. Wealth, worldly status, mundane power and transitory merits cannot produce happiness. Many people, regardless of their comfortable lives in this world, may find themselves in grievous and unfortunate conditions, reaching the end of their life in the most bitter of circumstances.

The only thing that will bring true joy and happiness to mankind in life and illuminate his path to help him avoid multitudes of pitfalls is to organize his life in harmony with the code of proper conduct as instituted by Allah (s.w.t.).

Islam was founded on the basis of Fitrah the primordial human nature, thus offering a flawless pattern aimed at his physical and spiritual well being. Moreover, all aspects of human life, from a simple eye movement to the most complex activities of the mind, are under the direct observation of The Supreme Creator and many of His Divine agencies. When a believer behaves according to the norms of conduct that pleases Allah (s.w.t.) it is considered Uboodiyyat (servitude). Unlike its worldly derivation, the servitude in respect to Allah (s.w.t.) is the only path to a complete emancipation from all forms of bondage that inhibit the ascension of a human to its designated and exalted status of Khaleefat-Allah (the vicegerency of Allah on Earth). Therefore, the only viable approach to remove transient distractions from the path and to cultivate virtue with all its manifestations is to observe and emulate Aadaab Ullah (Allah’s behavior) by nurturing the divine attributes endowed by Him (s.w.t.) to every human being at the time of their creation.