By | April 8, 2005

Hajj Massoud

We have heard many stories about the heart, which is called the temple of All-h, the place of emanation of His Love. There are many questions and yet so few or perhaps no conclusive answers regarding the mysteries of love. So many intricacies surround the concept of love that it shatters the might of human intellect. With the recurrence of days and nights, the world, similar to a cradle, invites its inhabitants to a mental slumber as the daily tasks spread the dust of weariness and discontent on the minds and souls of mankind. However, when a flow of heavenly love pours from the heart, it inexplicably removes all questions and bewilderment from the conscience; it suddenly illuminates the shadows of doubt and uncertainty with its infallible and all-encompassing light.

Imam Sadiq (as) states:

“Whenever All-h radiates His love to the heart of His servant it frees him from all other concerns, and absorption in proclivities other than the remembrance of All-h becomes total darkness. Thus, one who loves All-h is the most sincere of His servants, the most truthful among them and the foremost in fulfilling his promises.”

Imam Ali (as) said:

“If you love All-h then you must remove the independent love of this world from your hearts.”

It is reported from Imam Sadiq (as) that:

“Almighty All-h revealed to Moses: He is a liar who thinks that he loves Me and in the nightfall, prefers the comforts of sleep over My Remembrance. Is it not true that one who is in love wishes to be alone with his beloved? O son of Imran, at the onset of night I am on the lookout for my devotees, I open their inner sights to such extent that they are able to see the fullness of My chastisement. My servants speak to Me as if they see Me and address Me as if they stand in My presence.”

Love for All-h and those close to Him engenders hope and spiritual enlightenment, and makes the complexities of life seem simple. It is under the blessed influence of this love that the seeds of righteousness sprout with life and the flowers of Imaan blossom to their fullness.

Love of Imam Hussain (as) is nothing short of love for All-h (swt) and Ashura, that inimitable moment in recorded history, has come to symbolize a boundless sea of supreme love and sacrifice. Now, the days of Muharram and Safar, like the days of our own lives, have passed quickly and in their wake is spawned the poignant question: Did we unite the drops of our mundane existence with that eternal ocean of love or just remain transfixed on its shores wiping away, impetuously, our meaningless tears?

Yaa Hussain!