Does God Exist?

By | March 10, 2005

Sr. Eman Shaiwani

“La Illaha Illalah.” There is no God but All-h (swt). Who is All-h (swt)? How do we know He exists? In the Noble Qur’an, All-h (swt) asks us, in Sura Tur (Mount) Aya 35,

“Were they created of nothing or are they themselves the creators?”

He asks us to ponder and reflect on this so we can be stronger in our understanding of Him and our own existence.

Looking at the world around us, one sees its beauty and complexity. From the order seen in the world to the complexity of the human body, one knows for every perfect design, there must be a perfect designer. This alone is proof of God’s existence but one can look to the Qur’an for more understanding. In Sura Anam (Cattle), All-h (swt) tells the story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) who, though living amongst polytheists, believed there was only one God. He observed the world and attributed God’s qualities to the stars, sun, and moon until he realized all of these were limited. He knew God would have to be limitless and not bound to this world.

We are born with an innate sense of a greater force, a feeling and faith in All-h (swt). Put anyone, even an atheist, in a life or death situation with no way out and immediately they turn to God. This is something All-h (swt) has put into our hearts and it is up to us to act upon it and prove His existence to ourselves. All-h (swt) describes Himself in Sura Ikhlas (Unity) where He says,

“Say, He is All-h, the one, the only. The Unique, the Matchless. He has not borne anyone nor was He born. There is None equal to Him.”

All-h (swt) has blessed us with the best gift of all. He has given us life and a chance at true happiness with the ultimate goal of entering Paradise. Insha’All-h we all make use of this and turn towards Him with thanks.

Alhumdu lillah. All praise belongs to Him.