Newsletter – Feb 2024

By | February 28, 2024

Hadith of the Month:  On the rewards of fasting in the month of Sha’ban, the eighth Imam, Imam Ali Rida (AS)  was reported to have said: 

Whoever fasts one day of Sha’ban, just for the sake of God’s reward will enter  Paradise. Whoever fasts three days of Sha’ban and connects these days to the month of Ramadan, Allah (SWT) will give him the reward for the two complete months.

Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 94, p. 71

After the sacred month of Rajab comes the month of Sha’ban. It comes just before the highly anticipated holy month of Ramadan. While many people pay their attention to Ramadan, the above hadith clearly states why we should not neglect Sha’ban.  We should instead welcome it as a blessed month of high spirituality and prepare ourself for creating a strong bond with Ramadan.  Sha’ban is also considered as a month of our Holy Prophet (AS) and one of the greatest gifts taught by our Ahlul Bayt is to constantly bless our Holy Prophet (AS) as many times as possible by saying Salawat on him and his holy progeny.  That is the gift we can count on.

Ayah of the Month:  Allah SWT revealed this verse in the month of Sha’ban:

Allah and His angels bestow their blessings upon the Prophet. O you who believe bestow blessings and peace upon him in abundance!

Sura Al-Ahzab 33:56

Annual Membership Drive: I am gratified to see so many new members and among them are several new monthly donors.  This is a terrific news and needs to be applauded with thanks and du’as to all the families who have stepped out since the beginning of the year.  May Allah (SWT) reward each and every one with His choicest rewards, ameen.  For those who are still considering becoming a member or sign up as a regular donor, simply complete the online form by accessing the Payments Portal tab for Membership.  Let us hit 100% membership in 2024. 

For those who want to consider increasing their monthly donation, please use the same tab, and complete the donation form.  Don’t forget to mark the date you want your donation to come out on.  Monthly donations help effectively plan our center’s expenses.  They also help with planning for programs and repairs.

NSGP FY2023: There have been no new activities in the grant program since early January.  It is being reviewed by the Homeland Security folks, who I was told are overwhelmed by the number of applications and needs.  Since the forms require lots of details and validation, the Homeland Security Department is going through each form with a fine-tooth comb.  We will know, and hence modify, the request, if need be, to overcome any obstacles in getting our due share.  We need your du’a.

Programs and Activities: Other than a few Rajab and Sha’ban related programs conducted at the center, there are no major activities planned until the middle of Ramadan.  More to follow in the March newsletter.  For those who want to sponsor iftar and/or dinner during the last 2 weeks of Ramadan, please look out for the notice on the bulletin board and fill out accordingly.  The program committee with announce that.

Comments and Feedback:  Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a single comment or feedback from the community since it was initiated in October 2023.  If there is a lack of readerships to justify this project then it should be discontinued.  An “Electronic Suggestion Box” was created for comments, suggestions called Share Feedback on the Az-Zahra website.  Or you may send me a private email at:  Thanks