Newsletter – Jan 2024

By | January 25, 2024

As-salaamu Alaikum,

Hadith of the Month:

No believer is allowed to look harshly at his brother [or sister] in faith bothering him (or her) thereof.

Prophet Mohammad (as) [Nahj al Fasahah]

Ayah of the Month:

The faithful are indeed brothers. Therefore make peace between your brothers and be wary of Allah, so that you may receive [His] mercy.

The Holy Qur’an, 49:10

Both the hadith and the verse from Surah Al-Hujurat emphasize bonds of brotherhood among the believers.  We have the obligation to be kind and forgiving of each other.  Let us all make this our 2024 New Year’s Resolution.  Hopefully Allah (swt) will bring joy and peace between each other.  With so much anger and hatred in this world, we must do everything to strengthen our communities and help overcome these trying times, Insha’Allah.  We pray that Allah, the Most Glorified, will help us in bridging the differences and in creating love and harmony within Muslim communities. Ameen!

Annual Membership Drive: As of the beginning of the year, we have had several new members.  If you had signed up in the past for automatic membership, you would have received an email alerting you that your membership dues were withdrawn from the bank account.  We ask you to notify us if you have moved out to a different address or your bank.  For those who are considering becoming a member, simply complete the online form by accessing the Payments Portal tab for Membership.  Let us hit 100% membership in 2024.

For those who want to pay or increase their monthly donation, please use the same tab, and complete the donation form.  Don’t forget to mark the date you want your donation to come out on.  Monthly donations help effectively plan our center’s expenses.  It also helps with planning for programs and repairs.

NSGP FY2023: The Nonprofit Security Grants Program process is going well, Alhumdulillah!  We have received several estimates from a number of contractors.  These will be sorted out by the committee for the selection of appropriate contractors for each of the projects.  We are still awaiting fund transfer to start the projects.

Programs and Activities: By the time this newsletter has been uploaded to our website, the Sunday School would have commenced after a short winter break.  We look forward to seeing the children return to the center and participate actively in their respective classes.  We extend our gratitude to the teachers and volunteers who work tirelessly in providing Islamic education and a safe and loving environment to our children.  May Allah (swt) bless them all for their efforts and dedication, ameen!

On December 30th, we had a prayer vigil to pray for the protection and safety of all Muslim brethren, especially those in Palestine who are going though tremendously difficult and challenging times.  After the prayer and dinner, the attendees watched a movie titled: Muhammad, The Messenger of Allah.  It was a nice social night full of remembrance and fun.  Hopefully we will do this frequently.  What do you say?

Imam Zamana Fund: I want to let you know that we are restarting this fund which was initiated during the COVID times to help folks who were undergoing financial difficulties.  This fund will help pay for short-term  difficulties.  Past payments were made to offset utility and rent payments until they were back on their feet.  Please let me or any of the trustees know how much you want to contribute on this noble deed. 

Finally, I have attached a beautiful poem written by sister Maryam Fatima Zaheer.  May Allah (swt) increase her involvement and make her a beacon of hope and inspiration for our community, ameen.  Please read and send your compliments to her and her parents: Kamran and Elham.

Wearing my Hijab

Wearing my Hijab
I feel like a tiger,
Proud of wearing my strength,
not even scared of a spider.

Wearing my Hijab,
It is my crown,
It is my responsibility,
to wear it all around.

Wearing my Hijab,
I'll stand for what's fair,
For this is my religion,
and never show my hair.

Wearing my Hijab,
It is my right,
It is my affair,
I don't care,
if they backbite.

Wearing my Hijab,
My hijab is a piece of light
That shines throughout the nation,
and makes it really bright.

Wearing my Hijab
I will follow his command,
The Maker, The Most Merciful
The Al-Khaaliq, 
The Ar-Rahman.

Wearing my Hijab,
I will always defend it,
for it He who has commanded me,
to wear it.

Wearing my Hijab,
I will never quit,
and I will always have grit.

Wearing my Hijab,
It represents me,
as a Muslim,
and who I want to be.

Wearing my Hijab
My hijab sparkles like the sun,
as I go for a quick run

Wearing my strength,
My braveness,
goes to full lengths.

As a Muslim,
Wearing my hijab is right for me,
I just want people to let me be.

Poet: Maryam Fatima Zaheer

Announcements:  As reported last few months, an “Electronic Suggestion Box” was created for the community to comment, suggest, and provide feedback on topics and situations that are important to them.  It is called Share Feedback and resides on the Az-Zahra website.  Please take a moment to write your comments and feedback.  Az-Zahra Center does well when we each do well.  Thanks