Program for Ramadan

By | March 10, 2024

First day of Ramadhan:
Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Printable Program Schedule

Tue Mar 26 to Sat Mar 30:
Sheikh Ali Abbas Malik will join us remotely.
Sun Mar 31 to Tue Apr 09:
Maulana Sayyid Imrani will be in person.

01 T3/12 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
02 W3/13 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
03 R3/14 7:42p Namaz, Pot-Luck, Dua
04 F3/15 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
05 S3/16 7:44p Namaz, Pot-Luck, Dua
06 U3/17 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
07 M3/18 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
08 T3/19 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
09 W3/20 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
10 R3/21 7:49p Namaz, Pot-Luck, Dua
11 F3/22 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
12 S3/23 7:51p Namaz, Pot-Luck, Dua
13 U3/24 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
14 M3/25 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
15 T3/26 6:30p Jashn Wiladat Imam Hasan (p)
Speech: Sheikh Ali Malik
16 W3/27 7:00p Speech: Sheikh Ali Malik
17 R3/28 7:00p Speech: Sheikh Ali Malik
18 F3/29 7:00p Speech: Sheikh Ali Malik
   10:0p Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
19 S3/30 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
Speech: Sheikh Ali Malik
20 U3/31 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
Speech: Maulana Imrani
   10:0p Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
21 M4/01 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
Speech: Maulana Imrani
22 T4/02 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
   10:0p Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
23 W4/03 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
24 R4/04 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
25 F4/05 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
26 S4/06 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
27 U4/07 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
28 M4/08 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
29 T4/09 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani
30 W4/10 7:00p Speech: Maulana Imrani