Az-Zahra News: August 2012

By | August 26, 2012

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum and Eid Mubarak to all,

Sunday Schools starts next week

Insha’Allah the Sunday School classes will begin on Sunday September 2nd from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Teachers will have a short meeting at 10:00 AM before the start of the student registration and classes. Please come in with ideas on how to maximize the impact of this program. Following are the names of the teachers who have been invited to please participate in the program:

Sr. Farzaneh
Sr. Kulsum
Br. Hussain
Br. Marghoob
Br. Mohammad
Br. Amjad
Br. Abu Ali
Br. Jameel

If anybody else is interested in teaching or helping out in any way in the coming semester, please come over and introduce yourself as well. Your help and participation is greatly needed. May Allah (swt) reward you immensely.

Eid Carnival

Yesterday we had a nice gathering during the community Eid Carnival. There were a few new faces who blessed us with their presence. May Allah (swt) bless all those who came and joined in the fun and helped with the fund raising efforts of our center. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who participated in the event – bringing in food, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after the event was finished. Special thanks to Sanah for her specialty “home-made” cookies and muffins. She exceeded her goal of $25.00 and ALL the earning went for Az-Zahra Center. Go Girl! You are Number One in my books. I hope other young community members will also come up with their creations to sell in the next community picnic. Just call me or one of the members of the Board of Trustees to check on it before you bring in anything to the sale. Alhumdu lillah, we made $690.00 from the sale. This money will be used for the benefit of the center, Insha’Allah.

Insha’Allah, we will have a bigger and better picnic next time. We had to cancel the Moonwalk and balloon event due to the weather forecast. Insha’Allah, the weather will be nice and sunny next time and we will have one or both activities.

On behalf of our community, I’d like to wish Adeel and Kalsoom for their long association with Az-Zahra Center. We hope their new “home” in Chicago will be as warm and friendly as Az-Zahra. We will miss you but will not forget you, Insha’Allah. Have a save trip to Chicago. Please keep us in your du’as.

Thanks again for all the folks who made this a success. May Allah (swt) reward each and every one of us for our efforts and strengthen our community even more.

Jazakallah Khair,

Board of Trustees

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