Program for Ramadan

By | April 1, 2022

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, 1443 A.H.

The Crescent Moon of the Holy Month of Ramadan, 1443 A.H.

Printable Program Schedule

Date  Details
01Sun 4/03 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
02Mon 4/04 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
03Tue 4/05 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
04Wed 4/06 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
05Thu 4/07 8:05p Namaz, Pot-Luck Dinner, Dua Kumail
06Fri 4/08 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
07Sat 4/09 8:07p Namaz, Pot-Luck Dinner, Dua Iftitah
08Sun 4/10 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
09Mon 4/11 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
10Tue 4/12 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
11Wed 4/13 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
12Thu 4/14 8:12p Namaz, Pot-Luck Dinner, Dua Kumail
13Fri 4/15 9:30p Dua Iftitah on Zoom
14Sat 4/16 8:15p Namaz, Dinner Arranged, Dua Iftitah
15Sun 4/17 6:30p Jashn Wiladat Imam Hasan (p)
16Mon 4/18 7:00p Daily Lecture
17Tue 4/19 7:00p Daily Lecture
18Wed 4/20 7:00p Daily Lecture
   10:0p  Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
19Thu 4/21 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
20Fri 4/22 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
   10:0p  Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
21Sat 4/23 6:30p Majalis Shahadat Imam Ali (p)
22Sun 4/24 7:15p Daily Lecture
   9:45p  Aamal Shab-e-Qadr
23Mon 4/25 7:15p Daily Lecture
24Tue 4/26 7:15p Daily Lecture
25Wed 4/27 7:15p Daily Lecture
26Thu 4/28 7:15p Daily Lecture
27Fri 4/29 7:15p Daily Lecture
28Sat 4/30 7:15p Daily Lecture
29Sun 5/01 7:15p Daily Lecture
Proof of full COVID vaccination and wearing a mask is required to attend In-Person.

Speaker: Maulana Sayed Jawad Wahedi, Resident Alim Momin Center, Dallas, TX

Dinner on Thu 4/07, Sat 4/09, Thu 4/14 is Pot-Luck. Dinner on Sat 4/16 is Arranged. If you are interested in sponsoring Iftar/Dinner for any other day starting Sun 4/17, please contact Br. Marghoob Abbas or Sister Kishwar Abbas. The list is also posted on the center’s notice board.