Az-Zahra News: November 2009

By | December 6, 2009

Annual BOT Election

The 2009 Board of Trustees election was planned for November 7th. The contestants were Br. Mahmoud Reza Kamyab and Br. Mostafa Jafari. Since there were no other contestants, both incumbents were elected unopposed. Their new 3-year term begins in 2010.

General Body Meeting

There were only 6 members present for the November 7th general body meeting. Due to a lack of quorum the meeting was cancelled. The next meeting will Insha’ All-h be held in 2010. Notification will be emailed to regarding the date, agenda, and other important items of business.

Eid-ul-Fitr Carnival

2009 Eid Carnival was a great success, Alhumdu lillah. Due to poor weather conditions the activities were held indoors. Food was delicious and plenty and everyone had a great time. Children enjoyed Moon-Walk, face painting, balloon creations, etc. We had delicious burgers and grilled chicken, gyros, etc. The money collected from the sale of food and other activities will help pay the expenses of the center. We also received several donations. Alhumdu lillah, we raised approximately $1,000.

We also signed up new members and donors who pledged monthly contributions to the center. Most folks gave permission for auto withdrawal from their bank account. If you would like to help, please download the forms and email them to us. Remember, no pledge is too small for a good cause.

Interior Construction

The ladies’ room downstairs is beginning to look real nice. Thanks to the generous contributions, the room will have new ceramic tiled floor very soon, Insha’All-h. If you would like to donate money for a future projects please contact us. We will post the project list on the bulletin board as it comes up.

Eid-al Adha

Eid prayer was held in the center on Saturday, November 28th. Many people attended this joyous event. We are truly very fortunate to have a place which is used for Eid prayers and other activities.

Alavi Related Information

Last week we attended a conference call organized by Muslim Advocates, a non-profit entity supporting Muslim causes. Ms. Sharron Levin, Asst. prosecutor representing the US government, was the key presenter. She stated that the government will not interfere with the activities of mosques and Islamic schools. She assured us that Islamic centers are not being targeted by the government in any way. Later, there was a panel discussion by mostly Muslim attorneys followed by a Q&A from representatives of various centers. The panel advised Islamic centers promised financial support by Alavi to go through their attorney to file for the future funds. BOT will keep you posted of the steps we will take in the future.

The BOT requests EACH and EVERY member of Az-Zahra to continue your support and commitment to the center. With lots of du’a and your generous contributions, we will successfully meet our obligations.

Articles, news items, announcements, etc should be received by no later than 15th of each month to be included in the monthly newsletter. Please email them to Br. Jameel at

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