Update: November-December 2005

By | November 30, 2005

Az-Zahra Center Update
November-December 2005

Dear member:

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum. Az-Zahra Board of Trustees takes this opportunity to thank the members for a very successful fundraising dinner. Approximately 80 people attended the function held at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center. Thanks a lot to all the families who helped make this event a success. We raised $12,070 including a donation of $10,000 from a family in California. May All-h(swt) bless everyone for their generosity.

A total of $137,300 has been collected to date. Additionally, we received a pledge of $10,000 from a Friend of Az-Zahra. Alhumdu lillah, we have more than doubled our collections in less than two months. Remember, we must have a minimum of $150,000 to receive the matching donation from Alavi Foundation. With a little help we will, Insha’All-h, reach our goal soon.

Now the not so good news; the church we were negotiating to buy has unfortunately been sold. The Board of Trustees had worked very hard to meet the church’s asking price. We even sweetened the pot by offering to pay cash for the property. We were hopeful that the church and its listing agent would work with us. Unfortunately, we were not successful. Please do not despair; the sun will Insha’All-h come out again and it would be another beautiful day tomorrow. Remember, when All-h(swt) closes one door, He opens many more doors. We assure you that the Board is even more determined and steadfast in its efforts to find a suitable facility. We have renewed our efforts and are beginning to explore other options. We need your prayers.

The next General Body meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th. The place and time has not yet been finalized and would be posted on our website (az-zahra.org) soon. The purposes of this meeting are to evaluate the current Board’s successes or (failures) and receive feedback and comments on improving the effectiveness of Az-Zahra. We look forward to your participation and contribution. Insha’All-h, the annual BOT election is tentatively scheduled for December 31st. Again, the time and place would be announced or posted on our web site. Please mark your calendar for these very important events.

We are planning on celebrating Eid ul Adha (Eid-e-Quarban) on Saturday, January 13th 2006. Like the last Eid Fundraising Dinner, this will be a community dinner. Please contact Br. Jameel at 913-557-5614 if you would like to help with the planning and organizing.

We want to start 2006 with high spirit and hope. We need your continued financial support to stay the course and plan a viable budget. Your monthly pledges will help defray expenses associated with the building. We count on each and everyone’s support and du’as to make this a success.

The Board of Trustees wishes you and your family a very successful year ahead. May All-h(swt) accept your generosity and good deeds. Ameen.