Meeting for Muharram Majalis

By | November 13, 2011

Thursday, November 17th 2011 at 6:30 PM

Salam to all:

Board is inviting to all members of community who are interested in reciting marsia, nauhas and latmiyats during Moharum Majlis program. In addition, board also wants to invite members at large to participate in this meeting to share their suggestions regarding the program. Meeting has been arranged on Thursday, November 17th 2011 at 6:30 PM. Purpose of the meeting is two folds, one that all the reciters get fair chance and also that program ends in timely fashion.

In the past, some community members expressed their concern regarding program duration, this is an open opportunity for community to come and share their concerns before hand so board can consider their request and make changes to optimize the program time. Your participation is highly appreciated and will be of great value to board and rest of the members.

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