Monthly Archives: September 2018

Majlis-e-Aza for Muharram

Thursday, Sep 20th 2018, 11:00 AM The Ashura program will be as follows: 11:00 am Aamal of the Day of Ashura 1:17 pm Dhuhrain Prayers 1:45 pm Majlis-e-Aza and Ziyarat of Flag of Imam Hussain (a.s.) Lunch (arranged) 5:30 pm Ziyarat-e-Nahiya 7:35 pm Majlis-e-Sham-e-Gharibaan after Maghribain Prayers Niaz / Dinner (arranged)   Starting Tuesday, Sep… Read More »

Majlis for 12th of Muharram

Saturday, Sep 22nd 2018, 6:45 pm There will be a presentation by Sayed Zafar Abbas. Dinner is arranged. 7:00 pm Qur’an Recitation 7:10 pm Marsiya 7:25 pm Children’s Presentation 7:32 pm Maghribain Prayers 8:00 pm Speech 9:00 pm Nauha / Latmiyyat 9:20 pm Ziyarat Recitation Dinner (arranged)


Fridays and Saturdays, starting Sep 28th 2018 The program will start with Namaz-e-Maghrib. Dinner is arranged. Date Time Speaker Sep 28-29 7:21 PM Maulana Nawab Hussain Oct 05-06 7:10 PM Maulana Waseem Abbas Oct 12-13 7:00 PM Shaikh Jafar Bangloori Oct 19-20 6:50 PM Br. Jalal Moughania